• I'm extremely livid about the quality of g-portal's Ark service lately.

    First, the inability to make backups. I take down the server for maintenance using the create backup option, and the server goes into maintenance mode but creates no backup save.


    Second, I wanted to change the mating interval, but I'm greeted with a blank console.


    After about 15 to 20 seconds of waiting, it loads up again normally, with one exception:


    Looks like a visual glitch, right? Everything in the console looks normal except for this, and the mods tab looks normal. Wrong. I changed the mating interval and hit save, then started the server again.

    I was booted to the respawn screen and every single mod I had installed is gone, which means the desert base I had on Ragnarok is gone too (made from S+).

    And since g-portal obviously does not want me to make backups of my own saves, I'm left with a ruined world.

  • This is more than likely you need to submit an official ticket to G-Portal so they can look into your server issue.

    Some things I might suggest in this forum though to possibly help:

    What browser are you using? From what I've seen with accessing the web pages for the servers, Chrome, Firefox and Safari seem to work ok. IE and others, have some graphics issues sometimes.

    Have you tried clearing cache and history from your browser and resetting it? This should be a general once or twice a week thing anyways. But you could maybe have something stuck?

    Okay whatever you do though, don't throw water on the unit as that just makes things WAY worse. So not a valid fix in other words.

    Ok last part was joking, know you're probably highly frustrated Bellalrae. If you try clearing browsers and using some of the better ones listed above and still nadda, DEFINITELY open a ticket bud and then they can look at your account more privately like they prefer so your information isn't out in the world for others to view.

    I hope this helps some and you're able to game quickly! :thumbsup:

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  • One more thing, in addition to what Gorgrak stated, is use FTP protocol (FileZilla works wonders) to make local backups of your servers save files. This ensures that you personally have your files, so no matter what happens, you'll have the files. Sometimes hardware takes a dump and Gportal has to move you. If that happens, you'll have everything you need to restore your game. Just a simple piece of advice that I had to learn the hard way.



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