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  • Yesterday I tried playing on my server, which has worked fine in the past (read: relatively), but it was 'offline'. When I tried starting it back up, it would flash 'starting' for a few seconds, and then say 'online' for a few seconds more, before going back to the 'offline' status. I had gleaned from some HEAVY google searching that there was a server patch being applied. So, I went to bed having not played at all, hoping the issue would resolve its self with time.

    I checked this morning, and now the status says 'Maintenance' with a notification that says "The server must be updated, please restart server to apply update" or something to that effect. Except, the button that I would click to restart the server is not where it should be.

    I've entered a ticket to explore the issue, however I would like to comment to the admin/moderators and implore you to be more communicative with issues like this, which all people may face when their server is being updated. This is literally the whole point of a forum like this: to communicate ongoing updates, and explain the process so people are informed, and less inclined to lambaste your services all over the internet.

    Please, do not respond to this with some terse rubbish about the ticket system, or anything other than a constructive comment about how you will do better in the future.

    Thanks for nothing.

  • Danther,

    This is a community help forum and the moderators here, as well as the other users, have no more information about specific back-end issues as you do. The admins for Gportal rarely have time to visit here to ask people to submit tickets. Maybe they could be more transparent on your servers status page about server maintenance and updating, yes, but coming here for that information will never result in a positive experience for you until that information is know by us, the community.

    I'm sorry that you had issues, I truly am, but as a customer of Gportal (and having rented from other companies in the past), it's sometimes how it goes. We do our best here to help out, as a community.



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