Base Destroyed??

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  • So on my own server where only my friends and I play, one of our bases was completely destroyed. Everything, even a large staircase we used to get across a gap. All of our items, multiple thralls, everyhing. I have purge disabled and no one else has been on the server. Any ideas on how or why this would happen?

  • Could be due to the decay timer. If you have any remnants, take a repair hammer to it and see what the structure says. Additionally, you can check your event log, what does the event log say?

  • I was just in that structure early yesterday morning. In the evening when we logged into play it was gone. There wasn't a bit of the structure left, just a few bags of loot that disappeared rather quickly. How does the decay timer work?

    I checked the logs and can't see anything in particular. Of course I don't understand most of what it says, lol. Is there anything in particular I should look for in the logs that might explain it?

    And thank you for the help!