conan ps4 server wont start

  • The customer service is starting to be questionable. my server says its online in one place the server status says unknown, and it cant be found on the playstation. i submitted a ticket over 4 hours ago, i also refreshed the ticket (just like a admin suggested to another user in the forums). its been over 4 hours without a response. this is the second issue ive had in 3 days. i thought i was paying for a service. what gives?:/X(:!::!:

  • ok, just a update, my server is now up. strange. i still have not had any response to my ticket. but within ten minutes of posting on the forums someone starts working on my server. ill update again when there is a response to the ticket.

  • ok, so a hour after they had my server up they responded to the ticket saying it should be fixed. ok, in all fairness i know this is a german company, so this could be a language issue, having lived in germany for almost 10 years i have a huge amount of respect for them and the work they do. having said that you guys need to get it together on the communication, and follow up. i have rented servers from several different companies over the years, i have to say g portal has the worst communication. just for a little more clarity im not some 14 year old complaining, im 48, i've been gaming since the late 80's. im not new to server issues, and i can be very patient as long as i know its being looked into or worked on, but 5.5 hours with no word at all? and the server was up for the last hour? please guy work on the communication.

  • Hey,

    Earlier please keep in mind, with the updates, along with a internal error, we received about 100 tickets in a 20 min period. And i was fixing them as fast as i could, So yes my answer was brief, But the issues was nothing you could of avoid or done to cause.

  • My server won't start either. Put in a ticket hours ago. Very frustrating, mebbe it's tine to check nitrado out or something...

  • Okay, I'm VERY, VERY mad my server didn't work....KIDDING! I don't really get mad at non-human entities. ;)(Did I do good Matrix? Think they bought it? Please don't send Agent Smith again, he's creepy)

    But yes I too was beaten by the 'No Server Bug from Hell'. It was annoying, sure, but I sent in a ticket and done! :thumbsup:

    imho BradF and anyone else on the team who helped, did awesome in getting things back up in under an hour! WOOT!WOOT!

    A big thanks to everyone who submitted tickets too! Without you sending in details as you do, it makes repairs go longer, so thank you again for working with everyone!

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