Conna Exiles (PS4)

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  • If you go into the Support and click on the tab for Tickets, even if it still shows as Pending, you can always still update the ticket and submit it again asking for an update.

    They do tend to get flooded with tickets to work on, but if you send a new reply to you ticket I do believe it refreshes the ticket on their list for them to view and might help you get a quicker response.

    Some tips for you though with your server rental - Firstly check that you're logged into the correct portal. G-Portal has a Europe and a USA portal. I think you want to make sure you're signing into the Europe one and not the USA one. Check them both out though to see if you show up with a server there though.

    Anything beyond that though, keep going with the ticket and ask for updates to keep it in their view and they're pretty good at getting back to people within 24-48 hours.

    Hope this helps and you get going soon man.

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  • Oh sure Brad....showing off again by getting all the tickets answered again! garsh!


    Told ya'll these guys will help ya'll out! ;)

    Gorgrak - Master of Destruction by eating lots of pizza