Xbox one Servers at Capacity

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  • I was wondering when we will be able to rent more servers as since i got the game all I have seen is as [At Capacity] and will not allow me to rent any servers. And a suggestion please make note on your site that only PC servers can be rented via the site as I rented a server for xbox one then come to find out it is not available on xbox one and had to request a refund. There should be something to make us aware of this so we do not make a purchase and have you guys give us a refund. it just adds more work for you, and more frustration for us. Thank you for all you help.

  • They stopped server rentals until some issues could be resolved. One of the last posts of the announcements in this forum has a letter from the CEO explaining this reasoning. Also maybe they changed it but the servere rental when you go to purchase has (PC) next to it.