Desperately Need help please

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  • I bought Xbox one version of Conan exiles ..downloaded gportal app on the console ...I rented a server named it ToddNSteph on is west server it shows it as online but cannot find it under claim server nor under online play serverlist or on the server rental tab on game ..... When I bought it it only had options for Conan exiles (pc) or PS4 version ..... I bought the PC version as I did not see an Xbox version but am now wondering if I messed up and ordered a server version that is not compatible with Xbox one any information would help thank you =O

  • Hi,
    Unfortunately at this time, Conan Exiles does not support the cross platform function, and so that means you cannot use your Xbox to play on a PC server and vice versa. If there isn't an option to buy more servers for a particular platform, then that means there are no more servers available to rent for that platform until new hardware is ordered. But more are on the way.