Paid for a server on xbox one APP The app is down

  • Hello we have paid for a server yesterday on the xbox one app it is down for maintenance, we were told to make a new account on the website and claim the server there but now it says the server has already been claimed. how can we access the server? i tried sending facebook,twitter,email messages but no response.

  • Yes, xbox server app has been down for maintenane for close to 24 hours. We are having severe rubberbanding issues with no way to restart the server. I guess this is an improved experience over the official servers which have been going down in droves and missing for hours. What is bothering me is that there has been zero response from you or from Funcom on any media platform. What is happening and are you working on it?

  • so we finally got our server but they reset the password so we cannot access the admin panel...... so we basically do not have our own server. i guess it will be another 3 days until we get that aswell... this is awful

  • The App is currently under going maintenance, as we found a few issues and concerns, We will be bring it back up hopefully tomorrow. You can login to our website, Create a new account and then claim your server using this link.

    Link depends on location. From there you can start or stop the server, We apologizes for this issue, But it was necessary, and we will be adding 3 days to all game clouds, once finished.

    If this isnt working for you, Submit a ticket with the server name and admin password, And we can add the server to your Website account. Keep in mind the Website and app are use 2 different logins.

  • The App will be back online today a statement will follow, alle lost days have been compensated and if you need a restart of you server reach out to us so I can perform a restart.