Absolutely do not expect and answer from support.

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  • I am really regretting renting a server. My friends and myself cannot login to the server it acts as if it is going to load then comes with the message "disconnecting from game". I have turned in service tickets multiple times. They responded once with we reset your server after I already tried this step. I replied to let them know this did not work. They did not respond after five hours. Created a new ticket and still have not heard from anyone. Wondering if renting aserver was a wise choice with no support.

  • I'm sorry that your experience has not been the best. Please be patient with support as they continue to work on issues. If you receive no response in the next few hours, please submit another ticket and someone will look into your issues.

  • I have the same issue. Submitted TWO tickets. My server is still down and BradF responded but unfortunately it did not fix the issue? Will we be credited for our down time due to your faulty hardware?

  • Hi,
    Thank you for your patience and I sincerely apologize for the delay and frustration. Servers have been accredited 5 additional days to make up for the down time. Both Funcom and GPortal are working diligently to remedy the situation to have a fix for these issues as soon as possible.

  • where would i be able to change or take off my server password i am not seeing the option anywhere and when i try to log into my Gportal on xbox it does not allow me to use the same username email or password i use on my PC to bring up server management. can anyone help me out?