Conan Exiles PS4 Slots 20/20

  • Hey,

    I was wondering on my server it is showing 20/20 slots used, however; some of the people on my server are no longer playing so we haven't had new characters join the server. Is there any way for me to manage and delete players that are no longer playing on the server so I can ensure I have consistent players on my server without having to password protect it?:/ Or do I need to enter in a ticket for the other slots/players to be deleted and password protect it to save the slots for others I recruit though reddit and whatnot?

  • The slot occupation isn't based on the people historically but the actively logged in people at the time.

    Been connectivity issues forcing servers to appear at max capacity with a ping of 9999.

    Just re-search the server and it should pop up as its current status.

    Only aware of this since I'm still looking for a decent server to hop into myself.

  • Hey, the "full server" and "ping 9999" problem is a game related bug, that we cannot fix. We already working on it with Funcom, but as of now there is no fix besides keep trying to search it and join until it works.