What happens when time runs out?

  • So if my time runs up what will happen to the game? I'm interested in a conan exiles server on ps4 for me and a decent sized group that want a chill pvp experience with a little honor in clan battles. That in mind, I don't want to spend a year making this world with them just to lose all of the progress and buildings we make if I forget a payment. Is the world going to be backed up on, say a host console, or online storage? I don't want to spend the money if we are just going to lose everything.

  • If you keep money in your account here (you can prepay) it will never run out. Have to make sure you keep an eye on that due date is all. You can choose to automatically extend and just keep money in the account and it will auto pay it for you.

  • I understand the payment system, but I'm more worried about the game itself. If I happen to let it run out I would hate to lose the progress of 20+ people.. Say I miss the payment or forget to make one in advance, Is the data backed up somewhere, or will it be a restart when I pay up late?

  • if you have automatic renewal on in that gamecloud it will never run out unless you keep enough credit on your account if it rans out you have a 5 days to reactivate it before it gets deleted.

  • So the world isn't saved anywhere but the server. I don't mean to be rude, I just want to know what happens to the world. I understand how the payment systems work. All I'm trying to confirm is that the data is dead when the payments aren't made anymore. If anything is there at least a way for me to backup the data externally?

  • No everything will be kept for 5 days after deactivating ... and if you reactive it within that period everything should be as before. only after those 5 days everything will be deleted.