What Settings?

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  • What settings are the settings that actually control the settings in a Conan Exiles PS4 server? Do I use the settings in the game? Do I use the settings here on the g-portal dot us website when I access my server thru my account?

    Neither set of settings seems to actually work 100% of the time, and they have different options.

    What settings are we supposed to use to set the settings in the game that we play?

  • I am new to G-Portal and Conan

    From what i can determine the settings you can change from the game on the ps4 will only effect you

    the settings on Gportal effect everyone on the server

    the reason i think this, on my Ps4 i boosted my harvest and exp stats, and i ranked up a lot faster than my buddy and we started at the same time and he did more than me,

    When harvesting I would get Double what he got (I boosted mine to 2) and right from the start i was getting 2 or more of everything compaired to his 1

    This could be a glitch or something i am not sure....

  • What I know so far:

    PS4 settings changes on a private server definitely affect everyone playing on the server.

    Setting server settings in PS4 seems to take hold better than setting them on the web thru server settings in terms of the changes being applied and sticking.

    PS4 has less specific settings for some items, example: drop-on-death inventory.
    Web server settings have options to keep 1) equipped 2) shortcut bar and 3) backpack inventory. Checking/unchecking these options doesn't seem to change anything on the server.
    Checking/unchecking the keep inventory on death option on PS4 settings DOES change things when applied, but can only be drop ALL or keep ALL.