Mods Not Showing in Installed List

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  • I've installed mods from the list provided on the website server setting tab but when i installed them they don't show up in the available mods list. So I can't activate or deactivate them. I've tried it with the server off and on, refreshing the page, and deactivating and reactivating them. It worked the first time i tried adding mods to the server but now no mods are showing up. Am i missing something?

  • It's not a problem with mods being applied or anything like that. The mod list in the settings menu just doesn't show any of the mods that i installed.

    Usually you install the mods first then drag them from one list onto another in order to activate/deactivate them. In my case, the deactivated side of the list doesn't even show any of the mods. Therefore, i cant activate any mods.