Setting up the server

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  • So i have a pretty serious issue with this server provider. ive changed the name of the server and waited about an hour now, (nothing has changed yet) and ive tried to access my server by searching both the name i changed it to, and the default name. it doesn't show up in the server list. Ive turned the server on. its been on for about 30 mins now and i still cant find it. I feel like ive wasted money. I haven't had this much trouble with hosting servers before. Its always been just pay make the name start the server and im golden. I really hope someone can give me an answer other then, reset it, delete the server and remake it, or click "start server" Please help fast. I dont want to waist money.

  • Hello,

    one ticket and two forum posts for the same issue, is a bit much, we fixed your issue and your server is online and working, thank you for your patienance.

  • my bad. i was pretty annoyed. i see my servers name has changed. but when i look it up it is not to an updated version. any ideas?

  • Turns out they released an update while my game was running so it hit for the server but my game didn't update yet. Ill be sure to check that next time before i make a post about it. Stupid me haha.