pve server in us setup, how kick/ban player(s)

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  • just got my server all set up , 40 slot pve server in east u.s. it is doing well, full. which leaves a problem. when i try to login to my own server and its full, can i get in still? if answer is no, how to i kick a player? (Obviously asking one to leave first) do i enter my gportal admin password in the ingame settings tab for server admin? will i have access to kick/ban options etc

  • set up an admin password for the server, it would be best if you allowed yourself and a friend know the password in case either which of you can't get in, at that point you could then select someone from the admin panel, to ban from the server, obviously you can just un-ban the person. i've had to do it on my server since it gets full.

  • There is no kick button on PS4 verson so I take it Xbox is same just a ban. Go to settings and login as admin with your password. Then back to menu admin settings and under playlist u can ban and mute. For pc there will be an rcon command if u Google it

  • So how to Block, Ban or Kick someone annoying and making your game a sad, sad place....THE FIEND!

    Ok so firstly what you can do is there is a ban/kick function in the game settings itself.

    Here's a link for the game settings inside the game itself:


    There's a way to IP block people for regional settings in this.

    You could also maybe try to rename the server. Then only tell those you like what the new name is.

    Other than that, they only way to keep people out is to have a password generated and only giving it to those who you deem unfit for your realm.

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