claim server? rename server?

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  • Can someone please direct me to where I can find and either claim or join my newly created PC server?? And once I get there is it straightforward in regards to changing the server name? thx in advance

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    "Attempting to join game... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ..."

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  • one responds?

    should i just say the hell with it and get my money back?? $35 for the game and $21 for the server...lets not make it that and just tell me what i need to do because this appears to be an issue

    and yes, my server is started but cannot connect

  • theres nothing you can do brother, its all on their side. I'm sure their servers are flooded due to being inadequate for the release on ps4. i my self have a ps4 server that is stuck in an infinite loop of starting and stopping.

    -semper fi

  • my PC server was started yesterday and has been running all night...without being able to connect to it

    i only just now deleted to reinstall it and now it just gets stuck at "installing"

    **FYI admin/help...the refund will be processed tomorrow if i don't get a resolution (a promise)**

  • OMFG!!! I still can't believe this response from support...

    "Hey, so quick summary! we have to reboot the server (again) to install a quick hotfix, that will happen in the next days sometimes, because we need to improve the stability and performance. After the Update the Restart takes some time (normally not, so dont wonder) !!

    Remember the big releases, the first days are always the hardest and our hole team (same es funcom) is working day and night and do our best to get everything smooth as fast as possible. thanks for your patience!

    Kind regards,



    Ociris GmbH

    Kistlerhofstraße 70

    Building 79

    81379 Munich



    CEO: Sebastian Reckzeh, Roberto Omezzolli"

    Not acceptable for a company to charge people for server space, don't let them use it, and yet still charge them their money AND the server time. There is this thing called ETHICS. Can you say REFUND??? AND THE RESPONSE HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH MY ISSUE!!! If a company cant read and respond to their customers issues accordingly, it shows where their priorities are at.

  • oh about that

    complain enough and something good finally happens

    Now are you all going to give me the day I lost back?? dumb question, i know.