Conan Exiles PS4 - Possible to reserve slots for usernames?

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  • Hiya all!

    I just wondered if it's possible to reserve a slot on a server that I would be renting for Conan Exiles PS4 for specific users?

    So for example, I would like to rent a server with 40 slots, make it PVP, set it up my way, and then be able to make it public but still have guaranteed access for myself, and my brother. So, is it possible to reserve specifically two slots, or the ability that when the server recognizes two usernames, it boots out two players so that we can gain access to our own server?

    I believe I was able to do something similar with a Ark PS4 server I rented several months ago, however I'm unsure.

    I believe I can set myself up as an admin, but not give myself admin powers, whats the fun of hosting a server, if I can't play in it? lol

    I hope to hear something soon, thank you!

  • Goas,

    Please reconsider your answer.

    This is false information, if there was no ID you could put into it we would not be able to ban players from joining a server in any effective way, and we can definitely do that.

    This may not be a feature that g-portal has any ability to implement, and as such, the request should be put forth to the developer for consideration. I would like to see people directed to do that as it will only help the community and ensure continued revenue for your company as people are able to better enjoy the servers they rent from you with friends.

    Thanks for the server, the game is great as are the services provided by g-portal!

    -- Saint