Conan Exiles Server paid for but not found

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  • was charged for a 10 slot server but can't be found. the support just keeps asking if I can search for it and no help beyond that. It has been over 24hr since the transaction. Only screen I got was server setting up wait 3 min. was that way for over 20 min but nothing.

  • I've posted about something similar in another thread.

    Check to see if you are logged into the G-Portal or the US site.

    Whichever one you chose when you rented the server, that's the site you need to connect through, or you won't be able to see the server you rented.

    They are currently seeing about merging the 2 sites so it would be a one shot login, but for now just make sure you're into the right group first.

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  • might have to wait for them to get the new gear going next week then possibly?

    I saw some other notices stating all their servers were full but theyre getting new ones this or next week sometime.

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  • Seriously? That is ridiculous! My 90-day rental should not start counting down until they have the new servers up and running! Why would they wait until after the game launch to bring in new servers?

    I too submitted a ticket, I never got past the THE SERVER IS SETTING UP 3 MINUTES screen. I was told to try to CLAIM SERVER, which I did multiple times, but I have not heard anything since that initial response.

    It certainly did not take up to 3 minutes to charge my credit card for the rented server that is for sure!

  • Hello Sir,

    please open a ticket with our support team so we can check on that, its impossible for us to deal with that issue here on the forum since there are plently of infos missing. And yes we have issues currently and trying to solve them, sorry for that.