Missing server details in profile - Solved

  • Hello all,

    I came across something odd, so figure I would share it in case you come across this issue, and help in the fact of you not blowing up for no good reason, as some people tend to panic and freak out. ;)


    Login to your profile and the servers you are currently renting are gone!! Oh no! *RAGE-RAGE-STOMP-STOMP-(Break something like a game controller)*

    Here may be the likely culprit:

    G-Portal as 2 areas you can log into. There is the general G-Portal login area, and then there's one for US. If you login to one and you are missing all of your servers, log out of that group and login to the other group and, VOILA! You will most likely be able to see your servers again and dance with a happy-happy-joy-joy mood, and not break your gear so you can't play at all. That would be highly sad to not being able to play at all.;(

    I hope this helps you all!

    Now if there's more than that going on.....well hell's bells...not sure, but think you'd have to open a ticket for more details support.

    Have a fun time all and maybe I'll see ya out there! :thumbsup:

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