Server Modification for Building Without Foundation, Deleting Dino Spawns, or Expanding Structure Spawn Prevention Radius?

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  • So basically what I am wanting to do is claim the castle in Ragnarok as my base. Obviously that place is riddled with creatures that respawn. The only typical way to get rid of those spawns is to lay foundation and build everywhere, but foundations in the castle look awful. Is there a way for me to change the server settings so that I can solve these issues? I would like to know if there is a way to change the server to let me do any of the following: Build structures without placing a foundation or be able to hide a foundation; set the spawn meter distance from structures for dinos like you can for resources; just delete the nearby dino spawns altogether. If anyone knows how to do ANY of that, could you please tell me how to do so? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  • Hey,

    You can always disable structure collision, Use admin codes to ghost through the ground and add foundations under the map, If you keep theses to a small amount, it shouldn't cause much lag and destroy spawns with out being seen