xbox conana server rental

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  • twisted i think that's just how it shows up in list you set that to let players no what your server is and it seems default to show eu. i think the thing that matters is wen you go to the rent server list what it shows there

  • The true location of the server is what is listed in your server rental. The EU on the server browser is default (probably set in template) and can be changed once you login to your server. When you login to your server make yourself admin in settings and you can change all the setting including listing you server as EU or America. Maybe g-portal can work with funcom on either changing this in the template or changing the settings file as part of the work flow so US based servers don't say EU by default in the browser.

  • well so far i have been at this for 4 hours wen ever i try to log in game freezes i have gotten on the server 2 times in this time

    Have you tried moving the game from internal HDD to external or the other way around? Sadly the game crashing is just a client side thing we have to deal with pre-release until they can get us a better build but I have seen people say moving has helped them.