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  • Hi anon_225566, welcome to GPortal forums.

    What I understand you to say is: your server was deleted while you were in the midst of extending it.?( That is very unusual because even after your subscription lapse there is at least 4 days before the server is gone. Numerous emails are sent regarding prior to server expiration, and again during the grace period prior to the server deletion. I am sorry, you will have to wait until more servers are available. Please periodically check to ensure you can grab one, they do go pretty fast. Take care

  • Still waiting on Conan Xbox server you deleted my server while I was trying to extend it! Not cool now there are no more servers wtf

    I was checking into the server thing about XBOX and found out some interesting things.

    1) See daenrys7's post above. Pretty spot on.

    2) The same thing can happen if your XBOX account gets put into a hold status as well. I heard from others with XBOX units that their MS account got put on hold for NSF, or bugs, or other issues and when they got the MS account going again, it removed their server from the MS account as well.

    What this boils down to is this:

    If you are using a MS account for games and server rentals (doesn't matter with who, this is for ALL server rentals via MS), should you have a problem with losing your server or connection details, you should really submit a ticket to both the server rental group you are using AND a ticket to MS for both accounts to get checked and advice on how to sync them back up properly.

    I hope this helps and you are able to get back to capturing some Thralls soon! :thumbsup:

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