Server Admin Suggestions

  • I have two suggestions that would make server admin easier and from what I can tell should not be difficult to implement. The payoff for a small amount of work would be big for admins, imho.

    1. Change the SAVEGAME names in the drop-down to include the file date-time stamp. I mean come on guys, how hard would that be?? Having a list of numbered files is all but useless. And yes, I realize I can go look at the files via the FTP client to see the info but it should be there at my fingertips for easy of roll-back.
    2. Add a dialog or button somewhere to check for and force updates and to display the current versions. I had to reboot my server a dozen times to get it to the right version yesterday.

    There's no good excuse for bad interface design. These are easy fixes, please see what can be done.

  • Hey which game are you referring to? Usually the games do the naming by themselfs and we just share the informationation, but I am sure we can change the naming.

  • yes they are named game.db and game_backup_xx.db and it can't be changed since the game itself looks exactly for this naming when it fails loading the first savegame etc.