Server not showing up tonight , shows on steam server viewer

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  • Sorry to elaborate, it kept giving out a message saying please make sure you are running the correct mods.. SO basically I had to turn off all my mods and restart the server.. "which probably broke everything we have built" to this point. I guess we'll see tomorrow.

  • Soulquake you should both copy down your save via FTP (because if you turned off mods and rebooted the server, everything that was built via a mod and tames that had attribute modifiers including additional saddle slots, etc have now lost those, sometimes permanently) and open a ticket with g-portal so you can get this done quickly and without any further issue. You'll likely need to restore your save to a save point before you removed the mods. Keep in mind the save points are in Munich time (GMT + 1).

  • Ok let me explain the steps I took based on Browsing the web (evil)

    1. panic

    2. went to ark folder and deleted all mods there so they would re-aquire on my side in case it was me (had a friend do the same to his pc)

    (still message saying make sure "server" is running correct version of mod, doesn't say which, mod.

    3. made sure I had a save game from a few hours ago within g-portal (didn't think of the ftp thing, thanks for that tip by the way)

    4. removed mods and restarted the server, after a while It did show up and things built with mods were gone ( was playing overwatch at the time so this came from another guildmate saying that.)

    5. Woke up this am and re-installed the 6 mods we use, restored to an hour before the crap hit the fan, just logged in and it looks fine.

    6 what the heck was this message for? did a dev of a mod do something?, just wait it out next time?

  • From my experience with other game server vendors, this sometimes happens when the Steam API is changed or down. When Steam API goes down, g-portal and other game server vendors is unable to check for mod updates for the server. This means your computer updates the client mods, but the server never gets notice that "hey, there's an update for s+" (for example) and so when you try to connect, it tells you there's a mod mismatch.

  • Hey Goas,

    I have installed mods via whatever it is you provide, are you saying to unsub on steam to all of them? Let me say what is happening that I can tell.

    Steam/Ark updates whatever it is we have subbed to via steam workshop, this includes all single player mods any of us have chosen to sub to. I used the website interface to pick 10, (started out with 6) that we like to use. When we load up ark, or whenever steam feels like it, it updates our versions of those. The server run by g-portal either is or isn't updating and we are getting a mod mismatch. This is on a Friday night, and people wanting to play so I FTP'd the whole mods folder from my pc to get this to work. If i'm doing something wrong let me know. If EVERY time we logged into the server it forced 10 mods down on us we wouldn't care but something is going on.

  • Yeah I lost internet connection tonight so when i got back on 12am mountain time my structures plus updated.. saw it do so down below in ark main menu.. my friend who was still on the server didn't update or leave the Ark program and he could get back on just fine.. I now have a mod mismatch message.. IS there a way to force servers to update mods ? restarting doesn't seem to do so. FTP is annoying *but is works" :) just slow..

  • always always seems to be structures plus.. I deleted all mods from my pc, unsubbed to all mods, restarted steam, started ark, connected to my server and it started downloading from top to bottom g-portal server mods that I have chosen.. got to structures plus.. Steam caught it and updated it on my side, which then caused a mod mismatch because the server hasn't updated it yet.. Ftp'ing it now to see if im correct.

  • The problem is that g-portal seems to lag behind sometimes on identifying mod updates on Steam. Steam Workshop has the newest version of S+ (Jan 21 @ 9:58pm) whereas g-portal's mod page still only identifies the Jan 17th update. I'm unable to get into my own server because of this. Uploading the updated files via FTP doesn't work either.

    EDIT: Mod finally updated

  • because I don't feel like wasting my guildmates time to wait for the update to happen to the server, I'm not sure why there is a delay server side but there is and sometimes it's almost an entire day. That's what most of us are trying to figure out.