Tek Drops / Upgraded Supply drops not working?

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  • I see all the time in the server list that people are upgrading their supply drops to include even tek gear!! ....however when I set the value to 5 on my server settings this does not effect the supply drops at all? I am playing Center. Anyone know whats going on? Have tried restarting server several times!

  • I've only ever heard of item quality boosting when you toggle that (getting ascendant more often than mastercraft, etc), when you said you saw people finding tek gear, etc in beacons, most likely it's from custom beacon modification. You can do this via config file (nice tutorial at https://survivetheark.com/inde…loot-crate-contents-v242/ or a little easier via a generation tool https://beaconapp.cc/). I've been considering fiddling with this myself, but haven't had a chance yet, let us know how it goes and maybe drop some spawn codes you use on here?

    Note that, once you've been running with a certain quality level, it's really tough going back. A YouTuber (and g-portal supporter) I watch, Syntac, did this on his Ragnarok server and everything that was dropped ended up ascendant and he couldn't really revert it at that point.

    Another option is the UpgradeStation mod which lets you upgrade item quality and make blueprints out of them as well. I use UpgradeStation in my mod stack and we love it since we have a small PvE server and don't want to waste hours farming beacons for random chances of some nice items. g-portal gives warnings about the age of UpgradeStation mods, but I haven't had an issue with it on Scorched Earth, Island, Ragnarok, or Aberration, so it should be ok.

  • You could also look into downloading the beacon app for pc, it allows your to customize everything from white drops to cave drops and add any items you could imagine.