Time for server to get mod updates?

  • I've got a small Conan server for myself and a friend, with three mods running. One of them just updated and now I'm unable to connect because that mod has a wrong version. I've absolutely confirmed that I've got the right version of the mod on my local PC -- unsubscribed and resubscribed, verified Steam files, made sure something new actually downloaded. So my PC has the newest mod version, that's for sure.

    The server's mod version, however, has a timestamp for the mod's most recent update that definitely doesn't match the Workshop's (it's also not time zone related -- server interface shows 01:17:49 on the 21st, Steam shows 01:04 on the 22nd) so I'm pretty sure the server hasn't updated.

    Is there any way to make that happen? I've tried deactivating and reactivating the mod, removing it and adding it, and plenty of server restarts. So many server restarts.