Issues connecting to private server

  • So attempting to connect to a private server (ping in the 90s). Consistently times out. Sever others are currently playing on the server.

    I've verified game files and it didn't change anything.

    Deleted the SaveFiles folder and tried again - no change.

    I connected to several US West servers without issue (ping in the 30s).

    Tried to connect to the private server after that (ping still in the 90s) and it still timed out.

    I ran a trace route and it appears to be fine until it gets to Gportal IP addresses. (all pings are less than or equal to the 30 range until it gets to gportal addresses)

    Server has stopped and restarted the server as well.

    It seems like there some hiccup in one of the support networks having issues. Others connecting have experienced issues as well.

    Just looking for other suggestions.

  • alrighty, was just trying to see of there was something else i could try on my end. Sever owner has submitted a ticket recently and got told they couldn't control ISP's butnits beyond ISP influence.

    Thanks for taking a look.

  • Hi, have you tried resetting your router? Like a hard reset.. I have noticed that the congestion in the usa (isp/internet wise) means some of my friends cant connect to my servers, yet i have no problems connecting from over the big blue sea.

  • yup indeed i did.

    Problem was solved however. Turns out gportal implemented some additional ddos protection that was causing problems.. i can now connect.

    Heres hoping the new question of what the originally west us server was switched to east without the renter's knowledge.