[BUG] Fix AI Purge Spawn Points

  • Do you have an issue with AI purge event spawn locations interferring your ability to make contact? 2

    1. Yes, I do! (2) 100%
    2. No..? I don't. (0) 0%
    3. It's not a big deal really... (0) 0%

    I really enjoy this game and appreciate all the hard work that the developers and staff have put into this game!

    I would however, like to see the AI spawn points on the purge events be updated to accommodate for elevation / terrain. For example, we frequently have the issue on our server (XBOX One) whereby the AI spawn inside of mountains or in points which they are rendered useless (outside our fortress). We are forced to wait for the purge to end or attempt to fight them between objects / terrain.

    Keep up the great work:thumbup: