Question about clusters

  • I play on a friend's server that contains Ragnarok and valguero on a cluster.. My question is if I purchase an Extinction map on my own account, if he gives me the ID can I link my Extinction server to his cluster?

    Ty in advance

  • You mean if you rent your own server???? I suppose it's possible, you would need to change the cluster ID to the same as his. Not sure how it works on different accounts to be honest. Would be a lot easier to just give him the 10 bucks a month, and have him add another 10 slots. I mean if you're good friends this would be the easiest way to go about it.

  • So I went ahead and did this. I just purchased an Extinction server. Entered my friends cluster ID and everything seems okay. The server shows up in the Clusters list when you try to transfer. However when you go to load into the extinction map my survivor is not there. the only option I have is to create a new survivor. all my settings seem to be right, as far as transferring goes. Just not sure what to do now.