Can we have more control over our server

  • Hi

    I am just over how many tickets I have submitted regarding server stuck on updating its insane.

    When gportal tech fixes it they do it in seconds. So why cant we have that little button that we can click.X(

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  • OMFG server has been down since (NZ time) 1:09 am that means its been down for 9 hrs WTF. Still no reply or fix GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

    Dont say write a ticket because that has been done 4.5 hrs ago and still waiting.

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  • This is there reply on ticket I shit you not. 10 hrs of updating of a tiny update eewa mod. Now I am pissed off.

    The server is currently updating. You will need to allow the update to complete before it will be able to start.
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  • After today's server maintenance, all settings were initialized without permission. All MOD related items have been deleted. There is nothing left. The server settings in gportal didn't seem to have changed, but when I re-save it, the mod works. Originally it was PVE setting, but when it started, it was changed to PVP. In other words, it is automatically initialized by the server maintenance of gportal. I don't back up everyday, and it's too sad that all my friends waste their time. I want you to return to the condition of yesterday. I am not convinced that it is initialized without doing anything.

    昨日自動で行われたARKサーバーの更新後、サーバーを起動すると設定が初期化されていました。 モードはpvpになっており、MODは全て消えていました。 gportalに戻り、設定を確認しましたが、変更は確認できませんでした。 しかし、設定をそのまま再保存すると昨日の健全な状態に戻り、明らかに自動で初期化されていると理解しました。 ゲーム内のMOD関連が消えたことにより、MOD倉庫内の物は全て消えました。 バックアップは毎日しているわけではないので、どうしようもない状況です・・・

  • Hey guys, couple of things. Ark and Conan both released major updates on the same day, so thats 10000's of servers updating. On top of that, at least a dozen large mods updated, at the same time. Add to this, the fact that everybody is at home, the internet is a mess, people are playing games.

    G-portal is adding server hardware everyday, many of them are working 7 days a week, to try to keep the systems running. I personally have got them out of bed, to fix faults, to keep the system running smoothly.

    There are also trolls out there, who think it funny to run ddos attacks on isp's, which slows down server connections, if you are one of the unlucky ones on that isp.

    G-portal work really hard to keep the servers online. The fact that the last update for Ark, reset settings, was not something that can be controlled by G-portal. Tickets are answered as fast as they can be, but as you can imagine, there has been a lot of tickets. I personally witnessed Brad close over 100 tickets in less than 30 minutes last night. This was due to an ark update problem.

    So guys, if you have a problem let me know, we can get it fixed, but please, remember the support teams are doing the best they can, in very trying times.

  • HI,

    Have you realized that submiting a ticket and going to the foruns to repost the info on the ticket, duplicates the work they have to do? Wich then ends up with us having to wait longer for answers.

    I have servers with GPortal for more then 1 year, sometimes they answer fast, others they dont, but they allways get things fixed.

    We all know that Ark still causes some issues and breaks from time to time, but thats not GPortals fault.

    I think we should all give them some time to be able to do what they have to do:)

  • I agree to a certain extent, they are usually fairly quick, and they have always got it fixed, but to my knowledge they will never take a look at your server just because you post a problem in the forums. This is a community forum, not a tech support forum, and posting here will do you no good unless another player just happens to know the answer to your problem, because they have had the same issue before.

  • Hi

    im not saying that posting here will take care of the issue, im saying that wont make it any faster. idk if i misstyped or you missunderstood what i ment

    but lets be honest, if a ticket was already submited, repeating the info on a forum post, can slow down things, because they have to check the tickets and the foruns, so yes, it duplicates the work for them.