Deadside - base issues

  • Hi there,

    Someone on my server has a glitched base. They cannot dismantle it and (apparently) they now have to stop playing deadside for 7 days. Is there some way to get into any back end files to pluck this out - the guy is not happy about not playing for an entire week and a server reset is not an option.

  • Why do they have to stop playing 7 days? I assume you mean that they are not gonna be able to play for 7 days, and they are looking for a way to get around the game rules of not logging in for 7 days and losing their base? Nothing you can do about that man, the devs make the rules, I think 7 days is a bit quick to be deleting bases, but that's what they did, so we just gotta live with it. As far as dismantling the base, well the building system is different than say Ark, where if you remove a foundation without removing the walls from it , the walls will be destroyed. In this game you simply CAN'T pick up something that already has something else attached to it. You pretty much have to disassemble in reverse order of the build. Remove the roof, remove the walls then remove the platforms. It can be a bit tricky and hopefully in the future the devs will upgrade the building system, but I wouldn't look for that anytime soon. Either way, there is nothing server side that you can do about it, that's a game issue, not a server issue.

  • haddie,

    gportal_79923909 isnt saying they are trying to cheat the game hes saying that the game wont let the player remove all the base componets. the palyer has removed all base componets down to the ground or frame however the frame is giving the item cannot be reomved error that the devs actually put out a patch for but in his case and in a players case on my server as well it still persists. So even with waiting the 7 day period player base is still intact and player cant remove remainder of base so the player still cant have his base or move it. Any help from the DEVS would be most appreciated?? thank you in advance.