• hello im about to purchase a server for ark from you guys but before i do so i wanted to check about the ease of modding said server.

  • Hey, You simple select your mods under the mods tab, Start the server, so they download, And from there just activate them in the settings, Takes a few mins tops to add mods and have them working tops :)

  • I haven't had any issues, my servers are running 4 mods, Classic flyers, S+, Bridges, and Upgrade Station.

    If you're migrating from another service or personal server, you'll want to check here:

    [ARK] Single Server Migration to g-portal HOWTO

    If you're not migrating, just look at steps 3 and 4 about adding mods. You shouldn't edit the ActiveMods parameter in the config file, but instead have 2 places to make changes within the g-portal GUI.

  • It looks like (I've never done this before) maps are added like mods to ARK in general (…_at_ARK:_Survival_Evolved). If that's the case, you'll need your map to be added to the Steam Workshop. Once you do, it seems that you just add it the same way you would add a mod (pick it from the mod search bar and then make it active in the general server settings). If that doesn't work, you'll need to talk to BradF or goas because I'd bet no one on the forums has tried this yet. If you get a resolution to this through the ticket system, can you please post the solution here?

  • If there the standard maps, there is a option to change them under basic settings whenever you want. If you mean a saved game map/world, Upload it via the FTP. Or if like the mod Crystal isle, then just install the mod. And then it will pop up in the Maps section of the basic settings