Transferring between my two ARK servers

  • Hi so up until yesterday I have been able to transfer between my two cluster servers no problem. Now all the sudden I cannot transfer at all, I have tried logging out, killing my character, closing out the application altogether and restarting the server.

    My other tribemates and other players can transfer no problem, but when I go to use the tek transmitter or obelisk it just doesn't do anything, I highlight the server and hit join and nothing at all happens. I have no item countdown or anything just won't let me leave.

    Anyone have insight on this?

  • If the others can transfer, then I would verify file integrity using steam. If it's just you, that's the most likely cause. I recommend doing that once a week, maybe 2 weeks. Doesn't take long and can fix a lot of the single user problems.

  • Just thought of one thing to watch for as well. If you are carrying something in your inventory that isn't allowed on a server. For example You can't transfer servers with Element. There are other items as well, one of my players couldn't transfer from Abberation to Valguaro because she had some sort of mushroom in her inventory. Just a thought.

  • So this was actually fixed yesterday, but now I am getting an error message when trying to transfer over that says: Failed. Unable to upload character for transfer, please try again later. We are on ps4 if this helps. This error message is popping up for everyone on the server btw.

    • I'm trying to change the settings for my s + things and i put the settings i wanted under game user settings.ini and restarted even reinstalled my server but when i log into my server no changes happened. Does anyone know how to do it properly?
  • Hi mod mother yes I have reached out to support they have suggested turning off the servers and changing the cluster ID on both. I am trying this now and will let everyone know if this works.

  • So as of now I have tried the method of stopping the servers, changing the cluster id on both and even that has not worked.

    Hopefully support can assist with this or clusters are a no go from what I can see, being unable to transfer.

  • So on an unrelated note does anyone know if I can distribute my current slots among three servers? I have 20 slots can I do like 6 on extinction, 6 on rag and some on the island? I've tried changing the numbers but its telling me anytime I try under 10 slots error please check your slots.