Making 2nd Game Server

  • Hopefully this isn't too dumb of a question. I added a second game to my account (Already doing Conan, added Minecraft) by using the "add server" button. This created a 2nd "cloud" with minecraft under it. So now I have Cloud #1 with Conan server (10/10 slots) and Cloud #2 with Minecraft server (4/4). Is this okay or was I supposed to add 4 slots to Cloud #1 and have both game servers under one cloud (Conan 10/14, Minecraft 4/14)?

  • Thanks for the fast reply. Is there any particular advantage/difference between the two methods?

    UPDATE : Okay I guess the main difference would be if 1.) I need different cloud locations, or 2.) I want to combine slots to perhaps accommodate a different mix of servers. Might be worth it for me. Thanks.