Changing map questions, uploading/downloading current dinos on to new map

  • Currently my friend and I have our server set to Valguero, but we were thinking of trying out a custom map. So I understand how to download the new map, and switch to said map, but what I want to understand first is how the game saves work and that I make sure I don't delete our current map.

    I'll attach a screenshot of the menu I'm looking at so it's easier to understand exactly what I mean.

    So in the savegame drop down, I understand every save that has a date and time attached (example: Valguero_P (02.04.2020 - 02:02:46)) are the autosaves, and I'm assuming the save at the top named "Valguero_P" is the main save. What I'm wondering is does the main save get automatically updated every single time a save happens? And when I switch to another map, will it just create a new save file in the same drop down menu right next to Valguero_P, and I can just switch between the saves whenever I switch map?

    Also as long as I have transfers on, I should be able to upload my dinos from Valguero and download them onto whatever map I chose correct? I remember I used to be able to before they changed the layout of g-portal so I just want to make sure I still can. I remember I could change the map to aberration to tame a karkinos or something and then just upload it, change the map, then download it on my main map.

  • Changing the map should leave your Valguero save unaffected. However, character and tribe profiles will be shared and if they are deleted, overwritten, or anything on a different map then it will affect all the other ones they are referenced into. The safest way would be for you to make your own backups by downloading the ../Saved/SavedArks/ directory from time to time so that you can restore it if needed. Auto-save system are great, but you shouldn't rely on them.

    Also yes, you should be able to upload and download items and creatures if your cluster settings remains unchanged.

  • Thanks, got everything figured out and our map switched and our dinos downloaded :) Valguero save is intact as you said too thank you