New PVPVE Ark Valguero

  • Bought a new server last night after rage quitting official PVP because of toxicity and getting wiped by the Alpha tribe every 20 minutes. Trying to get together a small server that isn't quite as toxic and doen't make it impossilbe for new players, while still being able to play PVP. It's a small server for now but if people start joining and playing I will put the money in to expand it.

    Echoes Evolved - Valguero - (v309.44)

    5x Taming speed, 3x Exp, 3x Recources, 10x Mating and Hatching,

    Only Mods are Structures + and Platforms +


    My Steam ID is Mykeechoes

    My Discord link is

    Hope to hear from you guys and play some ARK!:thumbsup: