Bring some regular engrams into Primitive Plus

  • I am running a Primitive Plus Cluster for PS4 players hosted by Gportal

    and am attempting to bring cryopods into P+ ........I have tried using Beacon software to add them into the supply drops, but that does not work, I have also tried this code in the Game.ini file OverrideNamedEngramEntries=(engramClassName="EngramEntry_EmptyCryopod_C", Engramhidden=false, Engrampoints=0, EngramlevelRequirements=0, RemoveEngramPreReq=true)

    thinking this would unlock the engram so it would be craftable ............It didnt work

    Does anyone have any suggestion on doing this

  • I am pretty sure, not 100%, that you wont be able to do this. cryopods are a form of tek, and tek is locked out of prim

    i know they locked it out, but i can still spawn them in using the normal spawn that must mean the server is not blind and the items are hidden somewhere in the game .........oh the challenge of finding a locked door