My server isnt loading hardly then it will kick me out of session frequently!

  • ive hosted a server but gportal is taking forever to load my server on to the ark data, even if its online ill reset the server. Then after me and my buddy get on well eventually keep getting kicked off and have to re do a process of searching the server over and over again. The server doesn't lag it just keeps disconnecting or something :( help

  • Same thing is happening to me, however, I can't even get back on because non of the unofficial pc sessions will not load at all. Happened the last 3 nights at the same time.

  • exactly all day yesterday for me. now it will reset stats that ive updated down to lower numbers so ill be overcumbered, im still trying to figure why this is happening. But my main problem is getting kicked and not finding sessions, I wait till it loads up and keep checking my survivors on the list that's the only way to find my server, I hope they fix or know why this is an issue

  • I believe that Wildcard has both server rental companies, and modders chasing them. They are trying so hard to fix the things they screwed up with this worthless expansion that they are making it almost impossible for those companies to keep up. I don't know all these things for sure, and I don't speak for either of those parties, but this is the first time Ive seen G-Portal, atleast on my servers have to completely redo the servers options for the user. The whole making it so private servers could use flyers if they wanted, just made these things worse. Not a lot we can do, but one thing you can do is disable all mods until they get this sorted out. The wildcard updates will force you to restart the server, or do it for you if enabled, but the Mod updates will allow you to stay in game until the user logs out, then they will also need the server restarted because the next time they log in, it will patch their machine, but not the server, and you will get mismatched mods. Removing mods could in theory cut your down time in half while they fix this mess.

    P.S. If you dont see your mods updating fairly normally, then disable them. Certain modders are real good about chasing wildcard, other just wait until the train stops.

  • Hello,

    I am looking into renting an Ark server for a Valguero map. My friends and I are having issues with another server providers servers booting us from the game and then keep the sessions locked so that users can not log back in. Is it fair to say that you are experiencing similar issues do to Wildcards changes??