Server will not start

  • Game: Ark

    Server: ArchieBladeGaming

    Direct Join:

    Platform: PC/Steam

    We have had a conan server and now an Ark server with very little issues, however this morning our mods needed to be updated. We restarted the server to allow for updating the mods and left it until after work tonight. We go to check the server to see it offline. Try to make a backup, but it fails due to maintenance. We continue to try to start the server, but it just goes straight offline. When we refresh the page, it shows online, then goes to offline. Same result when we hit restart server. We have since made a backup, but are still unable to start the server.

    The kicker is that we can see the server on the Steam server list and join it, but it fails due to our mods being more up to date than the servers. it even prompts for the password, so we know its THERE. We cannot find it in the Ark server listing, though.

    At the moment, the last bit of troubleshooting I can do without hearing from you is wiping the server and restoring the backup in hopes it fixes whatever problem it had. I would really rather not as we had to reinstall often during mod troubleshooting and may just quit playing and hosting a server at all if we have to restart again, as we are a little burnt out.

  • Hello,

    - Backup works perfectly it always switches to maintenance during a backup thats intended. here a screenshot of your backups:


    - tried to join your server and it worked on first attempt 8it took me nearly 10 minutes to join due to the mods I had to download)

    - so this also answers the question about your server not beeing online and or your mods not beeing up2date.

  • Yeah, it is up today, but it was down yesterday from at least 7PM until 12:30 AM EST. I'm just happy it's up, but for your own troubleshooting.