Conan Exiles server issue

  • I've been playing the game for a good while now and the game seems to be working fine. I own a PVE server and mainly play with just my friends and myself. The server only holds about 10 players and we are under that no issue. But when we play we feel there are big issues that need to be looked into.

    We have 1 mod added which is Level 300 and your site recommended it safely and it works amazingly. I'd love to keep it on the server no matter what.

    Issues happening.
    1)When you load into the game you tend to rubber band right away a bunch of times till after a certain point, the game is in a way catching up.
    2)Thralls that stand there, work at benches ect, will show up as naked males on their stations till it fully loads then fix the issue.
    3)You clip into the foundations or it causes you to look like your jump/falling when you're walking.
    4)Occasion lag when running around and doing normal things.
    5) After defeating a boss in the Jhebbal Sage dungeon, the first boss the barrier would dispel and the door to the main entrance would open. However it would not allow us to leave the room.

    We assume it may be due to the Ram on the server or there is some issue colliding with the mod that we never want to remove.

    A round about one of my friends found is once in game and if one of those issues happens, you log out to main menu then back in and the issues tend to stop. Is there anything that can be looked into? I'd love to have these issues resolved so my friends and I can still have more fun with the server and the game. We don't want to have to start over fully and refresh the server cause we have all put WAY too much work into the game only to have it be thrown out. Which would be extremely upsetting. I enjoy coming home from work, hanging out with the guys. Cracking open a cold one and running around fighting bosses and more.

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  • We restart the server about once a week and it still causes the issue. Every time we try and connect with the mod though added in, it reads that this mod is on the server but the subscribed mod doesn't match the server one. Restarts the game and then loads us in fine but with those weird glitches. As a result though my friends log out and back in after which fixes the lag issue. Basically these are the steps.

    1)Start up game and click Join Online.
    2)Connect to the server and click OK with the password saved to the server,
    3) Tells us that Level 300 Mod doesn't match what is on the server, click Connect.
    4)Closes the game and auto restarts the game for us.
    5)Automatically connects us to the server.
    6)We log in with the small rubber banding or the strange things.
    7)Log out to main menu.
    8)Join online and again and connects 100% fine.
    9)No laggy issue or whatever.

    Just weird that we have that LONG process to play without the issues.