RAM Utilization

  • First of all, why are you closing threads after a single comment? :/X/

    Second, I've also got a server, and I set mine up to be able to handle up to 10 people at once. I'm the only one who has ever played and built anything on it, and there is only one location where anything has been built. It's not a small build, but it's not massive either. There are only 5,281 building pieces, 138 placeables, and 6 thralls on the whole map, and there hasn't been a single day since I started the server that it has operated under the "max" RAM. It looks like there are 6GB allotted, and it's always at 6.2-6.7. My framerate is awful, and sometimes I just get disconnected for no apparent reason. I really enjoy playing this game, but it's becoming tedious with all the rubberbanding and stuff. I don't know what I'll do if ANYONE else joins and builds something.

  • Hi, Its been a few days, nobody there had been no reply, so i closed it.

    do you have mods installed?

    I run a conan server, about 6-8 players with some pretty large bases, and am not experiencing any lag, and i play from Australia.

  • Yep, I've got about 17 or so running. However, I've also played on another server that had the exact same mods (done purposely) that is setup for 20 players max, and I don't seem to get nearly as much lag / FPS issues there, and it's one of the more active servers.

  • Yep, the mods are all in the exact same order. I'm not sure if all the settings are the same, but they're pretty close. Crafting might be just a little faster on mine.