Clustering a Server- Second Server or More Slots?

  • Hi Ark Community,

    I am new to running a server and have been learning as I go after deciding to run my our server for a small group of friends. I understand the cross ark transfers and have done it in single player using the terminals. I see conflicting information about cluster server on PS4 (and in general). My questions are:

    1) Do I get a second server or add slots to my existing server? Are both viable options? I read different answers. Some people say second server, some people say more slots.

    2) If I add slots to my existing server to cluster, do both maps run at the same time (i.e. our Island Map and new Map both will be active) or can I turn only one on?

    3) If I have two servers, as long as the Cluster ID and all the cross ark options are appropriately enabled is there any reason this wouldn't work? If I have two servers and change this setting: NoTransferFromFiltering (Blocks down - and uploads from servers, which are not in your cluster) does it matter if I Cluster? The server has a password, so its not like anyone else is transferring to it.

    4) Will using single player settings prevent transfer - I know single player characters can't be transferred, but it is generalized to the setting as well?

    Thank you so much for the help.

  • Hi, I will answer waht I can

    1. When you buy slots, you are actually purchasing slots in a cloud. So for example, you buy 50 slots, you can split this into as many servers as the minimum slot count for the game would allow. Ark is 10 for pc. So, I could have 5 x 10 slot ark servers or any variation of that. Or, I could have 2 ark server and 1 scum server etc etc.

    2. Both maps in the cluster would be seperate installs, 2 discrete servers, linked by the server id you set. you can have different mods, settings etc Think of it as 2 different ark servers.

    3. Yes you would still to cluster, this setting blocks uploads and downloads from servers who do not share the cluster ID with your server, allowing you to transfer back and forth between servers, but blocking out unwanted servers or cheated single player dinos.

  • Hi FMM,

    Thank you so much for your response. I think I was on the right track and this helped to confirm my thinking. I am looking forward to trying out transferring to a new ARK!!!

  • well i am looking for a new cluster partner and am will to cluster if you would like to we can speak on psn or threw here and we will go threw the clustering percedure if you would like im running a 50 boosted on val and it is cluster ready if your intrested just let me know