More direct modifications

  • Hi,

    Very pleased with my gportal control panel and server thus far. Thank you very much. I have two linked questions.

    My first question is how can I have the gameserver tweaked to increase the loot multiplier. I would love the opportunity to do it myself.

    My second question is if there is an official announcement or page that details the lock and key nature of the game's files. Dedicated server files are not available in STEAMDB, gportal does not allow direct access to the files, and the few pages of support forum posts I've browsed through have repeated vague answers such as "gportal took that away", "these commands have been removed by the game developer", "you can only change configurations from the web portal".

    I'm not mad about it, but I would like to be directed to a page detailing this lock and key approach. If the developer's do plan on allowing modifications, self hosting, or GPortal allowing future FTP/more in depth customization. That would be good information to have.

  • Hi,

    Its not G-Portal that has locked or taken away. The Scum devs have this game under tight control, and not much can be tweaked. All the available settings are in the control panel.

    Also, G-Portal doesnt allow or not allow the ftp, its the devs.

    There is no loot multiplier option, the best you can do, is increase the time to respawn loot