[US] #1 Cobra's Conan Exiles Server x3 Friendly

  • Join Cobra's Conan Exiles Server x3 Friendly Today! 32 Slots Open + x3 Re-spawn rates + EXP!


    Simple Rules:
    ~ Be Friendly

    ~ Use Common Sense
    ~ No advertising other server/community's
    ~ Be respectful to other players

    ** We are looking for staff that can be on daily and that's has past experience in staffing! **

    Must meet requirements to apply for Staff!
    ~ Must be mature
    ~ Must handle and settle situations in ordinarily fashion as possible
    ~ Must be on the server at least 1-2 Day's time play
    ~ Must have experience in Staffing

    If interested Please contact Cobra#4567 on Discord!

    Join our Discord!