1/30|RustyDot|2X|Duo/Trio/Quad|JUST WIPED [Insta|TP|Clans|QSmelt|Stacks|AlphaLoot]

  • Welcome to Rusty Dot 2x Duo/Trio/Quad - IP:

    Weekly Full Wipes Every Thursday @3pm est.

    We are a perfectly modded server with custom plugins providing you with the best experience and preformance around. We like to see at night so we have Bright and Fast nights + a TON of other plugins to make your RUST experience the best it can be. 100% uptime

    No Playing Admins EVER - Chat Mods Do Play to mute people but not admin commands.

    Instacraft | Quicksmelt | Fast & Bright Nights| Teleport | Sethome | Clans Reborn |Alpha Loot

    Discord: discord.gg/8cyMcFu


    ⦁ 1. Max 4 both offline and online. You MUST change codes/tc/break bags if you are replacing/kicking a member. (No Alliances) [STRICTLY ENFORCED]

    ⦁ 2. No harassment or abuse of any kind

    ⦁ 3. No pretending to be staff (Will be muted)

    ⦁ 4. Any threats or attempts to doxx whether real or fake will be an immediate ban

    ⦁ 6. No cheating/glitching/using bugs of ANY KIND ever.

    ⦁ 7. No stream sniping (Streams will require 100% proof in order to have this rule come into effect

    Discord: discord.gg/8cyMcFu

    Website: http://rustydotservers.com