Loading into Modded Map issues

  • Hi there ,

    not sure if someone knows a solution, but :

    Today i changed my server with a wipe and new mods. we have a modded map now that seems many player used it allready or play on it . It´s Skies of Nazca

    We are 3 people and in my Modorder the map is on last position.

    2 of us can join, even the loading into the map takes longer than on any map i played before.

    but our 3. friend has issues. She loads all the mods normal to the point where it go to load into the map and she always crash in that last loading before character creation. why she has so many issues.is it the map or what could it be?

  • Haii Astanias,

    I'm not really much familiar to that modded map

    Has she tried to verify her games files on steam?

    This may or may not work.

    Steam - ARK - Right click - Properties - Local - Verify Integrity of Games Files

    If she already have done these steps, i'm sure one of our G-Portal team will assist you further.

    Sorry for any inconvenience

    Hope this works!

    Kind regards,

    🐾 𝓚𝓪𝓽𝓷𝓲𝓼𝓼 🐾

  • right now i am waiting for her to get back at me.she was doing the file verification thing but she told me she needs around 2 hours so.

    i just thought i maybe made something wrong at the wipe but i deledet the saved ark folder for that so her character should be wiped as well. than i made the new map with new mods.

  • Steam might not of downloaded the map correctly for her, if this is the case, unsub from teh map, removed the mod id folder and id.mod from the /contents/mods/ folder *and* teh ../workshop folder

    then resubscribe