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  • Hi look for the damage setting. In Ark most damage commands are reciprocal. So if you change damage for dinos to turrets it will also increase the damage to turrets do. I believe the default is set to 1. Hopefully Gorgrak will weigh in on this topic. Take care

  • how rais the damage that do

    There is the DinoTurretDamageMultiplier option that controls the damage turrets projectile deals but keep in mind that it will also affect some creature attacks (rock throw by a Golem, acid spit by an Arthro, etc.) as they are considered turrets.

    Aye brad now with this new stacking, is there a way to change the slots in turrets ? Like instead of it being 58 slots I wanna make it less

    There is unfortunately no configurable option that control the amount of slot containers have. Without a mod, there is no way to override them since they are hard-coded for each blueprints within the game.