"recon" response is poor

  • Using windows10 Microsoft edge (browser), I opened "recon" and entered a console command such as "giveitame".

    It was successful, but the server is not responding very well, and if you are unlucky you will fail with more than 10 errors.

    During that time, there will be a lag in the game.

    Are you 100% successful?

    (* Citadel) (* ps4) (* Use "2 byte character" for character name)
    (I'm japanese and i don't speak english, I used WEB translation)

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  • Hello,

    The first mistake was using Edge, Its outdated, And horrible, Alot of things do not work correctly, Try firefox or my preference Chrome.

    Second, We do not make the Rcon control panel, This is handled by the game. There nothing we can do on our side to improve this as its a built in mechanic :(

  • 「クローム」に変更して成功しました。役に立ちました。ありがとうございました!!!