Thralls not eating like they do in Solo/Coop

  • So, recently purchased a server for Conan Exiles, after having a lot of fun in Solo/Coop with a friend and we found that in Solo/Coop, the thralls will eat Gruel or food in their inventory to heal, however in the server, they won't. I do have thrall hunger enabled, thrall decay is disabled. To the best of my knowledge, which isn't very extensive, everything is set up to allow them to eat, but they don't seem to be. Are there any tips that might help me resolve this issue?

    I should clarify, I'm speaking of the combat buff and healing that the thralls usually gain by consuming the gruel or whatever the buff the respective food gives, not the hunger system in general. This was made a bit more clear to me that they are two different systems. To reiterate, my thralls won't consume food to gain the buff or heal. This is the issue I'm trying to resolve.