• Ok So I have a serer rented and had it all set up and had been playing for several weeks with a buddy. Went to log in today and we seem to have lost everything was on day 34 or so server now says day 1!

    Also when I log in to that server I can not fully load into the game. Once it finishes loading I still have the loading screen and cant move around or anything but I can open the crafting menu and other menus.

    Does anyone know why this happened?

  • This very much sounds like a mod issue, make sure all your mods are up to date. On the server select screen, you may see day 1 sometimes, that is not uncommon, it happens all the time to me, usually around updates, both mod, and game updates. It's always actually just a false reading, and it's on the right day once I get in game. I see 2 options off the top of my head,, first roll the server back to a previous save, if all the stuff you lost comes from a bad mod, then updateing the mod will fix the issue, but won't bring back the stuff you lost, roll the server back to before that mod was updated. Second, and this is just the way I do it, but each day, I actually do it multiple times a day, check your Steam page,, under Library/Downloads you will see if any updates happened to your games since the last time you looked, it will be listed as Steam Workshop, that means its a mod, When you launch Ark to play, your machine will automatically update your machine to the new mod, but it won't update the server, so you will get mismatched mods. I can't stress enough how important this is for server owners. If your are in game when this mod is updated, you will be fine, you wont even notice it, until you log out and try to log back in. The minute you do that, your machine will update the mod to your machine, but not the server.

    I hope you get it sorted out my friend.

    Haddie Lee

    P.S. I just noticed this was not for Ark, but the concept is the same.

  • I took a break from this yesterday to give it some time. For some reason when I look at the status of my server today and last night it will not stay "online". Is there an issue at the server bank or is this a software issue?

  • OK so I finally get it to let me see and load my game however there is still a major issue. The actual game world and my character are not loading. If I load up an off line game everything works fine. But when I try to connect to the server the audio starts up as if I have finished loading but the loading screen never goes away. I cannot "move" or interact with anything but if I use the keyboard to open the crafting menu and stuff that works. I can also hit esc and bring up the game menu and close out of the game but nothing else. I have not yet had my friend atempt to log in with his account does anyone have any suggestions?

    I am noticing that my servers Ram is now running at over the maximum where it used to stay around 2gb out of the 3gb available.